Hey, I'm Andre! 👋

I'm an 19-year-old developer and student majoring in Computer Science. I love shipping software and learning about new tech! If you want to chat, you can find me at my socials below.

🔮 Technologies

Software and services I use often.

📝 Projects

Here's what I've been working on recently!


Tailwind CSSReactRemixTypeScript

My personal website made with Remix and Tailwind CSS. You're looking at it right now!

📚 DevTerms

DrizzleTailwind CSSMeilisearchReactNext.jsTypeScript

A crowdsourced dictionary for developer-related tech terms and programming jargon.

🚀 IconKit

DrizzleTailwind CSSReactOpenAINext.jsTypeScript

A high-quality AI icon generator that helps users craft unique icons for their projects.

🤖 CryptoTracker


A Discord bot that notifies users when their cryptocurrency transactions confirm.

🧩 Cobalt for Raycast


A Raycast extension for downloading videos and audio from social media platforms.

📆 UC Merced iCalendar Tool

Tailwind CSSReactNext.jsTypeScript

A tool for importing UC Merced course schedules into virtually any calendar app.